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DSM-IV - Atypical Features Specifier


[From American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 4th ed. Text rev. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association; copyright 2000.] ...

Specify if:
With atypical features (can be applied when these features predominate during the most recent 2 weeks of a current major depressive episode in major depressive disorder or in bipolar I or bipolar II disorder when a current major depressive episode is the most recent type of mood episode, or when these features predominate during the most recent 2 years of dysthymic disorder; if the major depressive episode is not current, it applies if the feature predominates during any 2-week period)
  1. Mood reactivity (i.e., mood brightens in response to actual or potential positive events)
  2. Two (or more) of the following features:
    1. significant weight gain or increase in appetite
    2. hypersomnia
    3. leaden paralysis (i.e., heavy, leaden feelings in arms or legs)
    4. long-standing pattern of interpersonal rejection sensitivity (not limited to episodes of mood disturbance) that results in significant social or occupational impairment
  3. Criteria are not met for with melancholic features or with catatonic features during the same episode.

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