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ICD-10 - Other Disorders of Adult Personality and Behavior Elaboration of Physical Symptoms for Psychological Reasons

[From World Health Organization. The ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders: Diagnostic Criteria for Research. Copyright, World Health Organization, Geneva, 1993.] ...

  1. Physical symptoms originally due to a confirmed physical disorder, disease, or disability become exaggerated or prolonged in excess of what can be explained by the physical disorder itself.
  2. There is evidence for a psychological causation for the excess symptoms (such as evident fear of disability or death, possible financial compensation, disappointment at the standard of care experienced).

Intentional production or feigning of symptoms or disabilities, either physical or psychological [factitious disorder]

  1. The individual exhibits a persistent pattern of intentional production or feigning of symptoms and/or self-infliction of wounds in order to produce symptoms.
  2. No evidence can be found for an external motivation such as financial compensation, escape from danger, or more medical care. (If such evidence can be found, the category, malingering, should be used.)
  3. Most commonly used exclusion clause. There is no confirmed physical or mental disorder that could explain the symptoms.

Other specified disorders of adult personality and behavior
This category should be used for coding any specified disorder of adult personality and behavior that cannot be classified under any one of the preceding headings.

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