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Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Psychiatry


Author : Michael H. Ebert, Peter T. Loosen, Barry Nurcombe
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Medical

Pages : 739
Publication Date : 2000-03-20
ISBN : 0838514626
Binding : Paperback

Book Description :

This new CURRENT presents a comprehensive approach to the clinical practice of psychiatry form a biologic perspective. It includes a standard chapter organization wherever possible tailored specifically for psychiatry such as etiology, phenomenology, pathophysiology, drug info and treatment. Contributors have been very carefully chose and, although primarily from Vanderbilt, will also include such well known clinicians as Herbert Meltzer and Charles V. Ford from other institutions
Journal of Clinical Psychiatry : “…the editors and authors have suceeded in providing a volume with a great deal of information in a readable, functional form.”
Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Psychiatry reflects the current dynamic state of psychiatric knowledge. New discoveries from the basic biomedical and psychological sciences are having a major impact on psychiatric practice today. The task is to translate these new discoveries into a form useful to clinicians. This text is intended to be practical, succinct, and useful for all health care professionals who encounter and provide care for individuals with psychiatric symptoms and behavioral disturbance.
Section I of Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Psychiatry identifies some of the major tributaries of scientific knowledge that inform the current theory and practice of psychiatry. Sections II and IV present specialized settings and techniques for the delivery of psychiatric treatment. Sections III and V describe the syndromes of psychopathology as we understand them today and discuss current standards of treatment for each.
Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Psychiatry is written from an empirical viewpoint, with recognition that the boundaries of psychopathological syndromes may change unexpectedly with the emergence of new knowledge. Eventually, the accumulation of new knowledge will sharpen our diagnostic techniques and improve the treatment of these illnesses that have such a high impact on normal development, health, and society.

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