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Personality-Disordered Patients : Treatable and Untreatable


Author : Michael H. Stone
Publisher : American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc.

Pages : 269
Publication Date : 2006-11-23
ISBN / ASIN : 1585621722
EAN : 9781585621729
Binding : Paperback

Book Description :

Determining the amenability of personality disorders to psychotherapy -- a patient's capacity to benefit from verbal approaches to treatment -- is important in helping clinicians determine the treatability of cases. Michael Stone here shares the factors he has observed over long years of practice that can help practitioners evaluate patients, stressing the amenability of the various disorders to amelioration. By focusing on which patients are likely to respond well to therapeutic intervention and which will prove most resistive, his book will help therapists determine with what kinds of patients they will most likely succeed and with which ones failure is almost a certainty.

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